10 Options Besides Tobacco To Combine With Your Marijuana

Are you one of the many individuals who blend marijuana with tobacco? Why?

According to Health Canada. Tobacco includes nicotine and a minimum of 250 hazardous compounds that will harm your health. For years, the cigarette market kept informing us that tobacco was the one and only plant for smokers.

It is true that it has been used for centuries in many cultures, however lots of other plants were utilized too. They were not just smoked for pleasure, but were likewise utilized in conventional healing ceremonies. Damiana, for instance, was one of the Mayan peoples most essential medicinal plants.

Over the last few years, increasingly more natural tobacco blends have actually come onto the marketplace that do not contain any chemical ingredients. There are also mixes that consist of no tobacco at all and which are becoming ever more popular.

It’s a bit like cow’s milk. In the past, nobody requested anything else, now a growing number of individuals are going with options. There is plenty of fact in the old phrase: “variety is the spice of life.”

10 Alternatives to Tobacco That Are a Perfect Partner for Marijuana

Essentially, you can smoke practically any dried herbs or leaves. That said, some are much better fit to it than others. As well as offering a pleasant odor and taste, a herb or leaf must also burn efficiently.

Here we introduce you to ten alternatives to tobacco that not only taste and smell fantastic, but are also all 100% natural and nicotine free. Let’s start!

1. Damiana– the aphrodisiac from the Americas

Even its name seems like a sexy murmur. Damiana is regarded as an aphrodisiac in its native Mexico. Along with its aphrodisiac qualities, consumers report mood-enhancing, anxiety-reducing and relaxing effects.

Damiana leaves include terpenes, caffeine, tannin and resins. Its taste and smell range from sweet to bitter. Some smokers discover that Damiana is too rough on their throats. It is really economical.

2. Chamomile– the old magic component that grows by the roadside

Good old chamomile tea is one of the best-known solutions for a cold. Chamomile is also expected to be helpful for relieving stress, stress and anxiety, inflammation or to settle the stomach. In addition to numerous necessary oils, the yellow flowers contain flavonoids, whose positive results on health have a healthy track record.

Chamomile grows throughout Europe, therefore is a good option for those who are trying to find an ecological and healthy alternative to tobacco. However, you do require to buy dried buds and not just cut open some tea bags.

3. Sage– the Cabernet Sauvignon of herbs

Much like the Cabernet grape, sage is very uncomplicated and resistant. Unlike other herbs, sage leaves grow more aromatic as the plant ages. Their flavour continues even after it has actually flowered. It is best referred to as happily spicy and bitter. Sage is complete of essential oils such as thujone, camphor, cineole and borneol. It has an antibacterial impact and also works as a partial anti-virus, which is why sage has actually been a medical plant throughout the ages.

4. Mate– the stylish picker-upper from the jungle

The Spanish name “yerba” simply indicates “lawn”, but mate remains in fact a tree, provided its size. It is a native of South America, where it has actually been intoxicated as tea for centuries. Its complex aroma is not to everybody’s taste– mate tastes earthy, smoky, sweet and sour all at the very same time.

Thanks to its high caffeine content it is considered as a stimulant and a slendering help. This makes mate extremely cosmopolitan, and it has actually been reinvented as a soda. Mate can likewise improve an exciting sativa high.

5. Kratom– the power plant from Southeast Asia

The leaves of the kratom tree have actually been used generally as a medicine, intoxicant and opiate replacement. In small dosages kratom causes euphoria and is a stimulant, in high dosages it is a sedative and painkiller. Consumers report intense highs from mixing cannabis and kratom.

Little is understood about how they connect, so be extremely mindful with this mix!

6. Lavender– the blue flower that does whatever

Whether as a herb, or to fight greenfly, tension or deal with burns, lavender is excellent for everything. Much like numerous types of marijuana, it includes the terpene linalool, which is understood for its impacts on lowering stress and anxiety and causing calm. Its bitter-sweet taste is a little reminiscent of rosemary.

There are signs, that THC, CBD and terpenes enhance each other’s restorative results. Another advantage: lavender appears to minimize the scratchy sensation in your throat when smoking or steaming cannabis.

7. Mint– the supreme fresh kick

Tea, mixed drinks, sauces, desserts– mint is the universally adaptable herb that brings a special freshness to food and beverage. The cosmetic industry discovered mint for itself a long time earlier, but not all mint is the exact same. There are 600 different ranges, the most popular being peppermint and spearmint. They are complete of vitamins and minerals, consisting of vitamin C, copper, iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium. Mint and marijuana are the best set; whether you grow them together or integrate them in a joint or vaporizer.

8. Rosemary– the Mediterranean timeless

Rosemary lends its unmistakable aroma to lots of meals. You should not exaggerate it with fresh twigs, as the bitter taste will dominate. This herb has plenty of anti-oxidants and beta-caryophyllene, which are also found in black pepper and marijuana. Why not boost the recovery effect and integrate all 3 of them in a blended smoke? Aids with anxiety and swelling,and strengthens the immune system.

9. Echinacea– the queen of flowers

With its attractive colours and star-shaped flowers, echinacea is everybody’s idea of a beautiful flower. Echinacea supplements fend off colds and enhance the immune system. As a tea, echinacea truly just tastes good when mixed with other herbs; in its pure kind the scent is too flowery (which is not a surprise when you look at the flowers). Echinacea tends to make your mouth and lips tingle, however this only occurs with extracts and teas, not when smoking or vaping.

10. Ashwagandha– the Ayurvedic traditional

Ashwagandha or Indian ginseng, has a popular location in the Ayurvedic healing system.The plant is known for its soporific qualities, however likewise aids with anxiety, tension, impotence and inflammation. Typically, the leaves and the root are ground into a powder and served as a tea. Similar to tobacco, ashwagandha comes from the nightshade family. It is the only substance on our list that contains traces of nicotine. Like CBD, ashwagandha is said to reduce the stress and anxiety that can be caused by consuming (too much) THC.

Finding the best mix Everyone is various and has their own taste. While some will only take in pure cannabis, others swear by tobacco or produce their own smoking cigarettes blend. You have to experiment to find the right blend for you and the perfect balance. At the end of the day, it just has to taste excellent.